Chris Madden of #LongsPeak #SportsMedicine was recently quoted in the #WallStreetJournal addressing #ECGscreening in athletes: Madden likes to listen to both sides of the argument on screening, but ultimately feels that patients and athletes should be involved in the decision making. Embracing a term called “shared decision making,” Madden works toward this in his … Read More

Rebecca Myers of #LongsPeak #SportsMedicine brings the 24th #AMSSM Annual Meeting to a close last Sunday while moderating a thought-provoking session titled, #Return to Play: What is the Evidence?

Hosting nationally prominent Team Physicians and leaders in US #SportsMedicine, Myers mediated topics in athletes such as blood clots, challenging fractures, missing an organ or body part, heart abnormalities, spinal cord injuries, abdominal trauma, pregnancy in sports, high blood pressure, … Read More