Thank you for your interest and trust in Longs Peak Sports Medicine. We strive to provide the highest quality sports medicine care in a caring and mindful setting for your patients.

Referrals and Consultations

Drs. Madden, Myers, and Traister have two practices – sports medicine (specialty) and family practice (primary care). They accept new sports medicine patients and consultations, but sometimes their family practices are full. Sports medicine patients who wish to become family medicine patients may ask to be added to a wait list and will be called when there are openings in the family practice. Sports medicine patients referred by other primary care providers will be treated for sports medicine issues only, and we will always respectfully defer all primary care needs to referring primary care physicians.

Patients referred to the sports practice should state they are being referred to sports medicine so our front office does not inadvertently turn them away from our family practices. We accept most insurances (link to Insurance dropdown under Patient Resources), but it is best to have patients check with their insurance company to make sure they do not need a referral. Most PPOs do not need referrals, but some EPOs and HMOs do need referrals. Please feel free to call our front desk if you have any questions: 303.772.5578.

It is helpful if you fax records, including office notes and diagnostics, to our front office at: 303.772.8207. We will hold these until a referral is seen if the patient is not already established in our practice. Please ask patients to bring CDROMs of any pertinent imaging along with radiology reports (unless sent by your office).


We prioritize good communication, which is also one of the tenets of our Level 3 Patient-Centered Medical Home. We feel this is vital for high quality care across the treatment spectrum. At a minimum, referring providers will receive a comprehensive office note with recommendations within 2 business days of a consultation. Your patients will receive high quality, written care plans before they leave our office. Patients with follow-up needs will be rescheduled only as needed, otherwise they will be appropriately directed back to referring professionals for other care needs. We reach out to other health professionals by phone as needed, especially with more difficult or complex problems or if patients have other special needs.

Thank You

Thank you for your trust in us. We will do our best to help patients referred to us in any way we can. If there is anything else we can do to improve our service or patient experience please let us know.