Madden of Longs Peak #Sports Medicine rolls out as President for the #American Medical Society of Sports Medicine last week

Chris Madden, MD of Longs Peak Sports Medicine gave his presidential closing address last Saturday in Hollywood Florida after opening the 24th AMSMM Annual Meeting. Madden served two Board terms as the Sports Medicine Economics Committee Chair ending in 2010 and rolled back onto the AMSSM Executive Committee in 2012. He will serve one more year on the Committee as Past President.

Madden brought three important presidential charges for the organization to a close, calling to action and setting the stage for various strategic priorities and objectives for AMSSM in the future. The charges were completed over 2014-15 and included

  • Reorganizing, refining, centralizing, and digitalizing Annual Meeting Planning – the AMSSM premier event
  • Integrating the profession of sports medicine into Health Care Transformation and Quality Initiatives
  • Revisiting the AMSSM Mission and Vision and revising the organizational Strategic Plan

Stating, “We have the potential to guide our roles and the value we offer in healthcare through the choices we make. If we work to educate ourselves and to raise awareness about ways to get involved in healthcare transformation on individual and organizational levels, we stand a chance of helping sports medicine not only survive, but potentially thrive in healthcare’s changing landscape,” Madden encouraged members to get involved.


Addressing vision and strategy, Madden highlighted, “One of the challenges we face as we have become larger and more diverse is integrating our Mission, Vision, and Strategic Plan into everything we do as an organization, to make sure they are all aligned with our guiding principles.


After more than 6 months of formulating, revising, and finalizing a new AMSSM Strategic Plan for the next three year cycle, Madden states, “The end result is a transformation of idea into implementation, intention into action, and static, guiding document into dynamic, living process map that will facilitate a strategic organizational momentum, consistency, and sustainability that transcends our short leadership terms. This transformation and centralization is a fundamental call to action that will breathe life into our written principles.” The plan focuses on seven priority areas: Education, Research, Advocacy, Patient Care & Public Education, Communication and Publications, Infrastructure, and Collaboration.


Madden closed the address with a quote from Gandhi that he started his presidency with:

“Be the change you wish to see in the world”

He then invited members to get involved and to “Be” the change they wanted AMSSM to be.

Dr. Madden opens press conference today at NFL Headquarters in NYC as president of the American Medical Society for Sports Medicine.

The conference brings the National Athletic Trainers Association, sports medicine physicians, and high school representative from all 50 states together for its first of a kind collaborative effort. The NFL and the Korey Stringer Institute are sponsoring the event. The conference focuses on advancing the safety of student athletes in secondary schools.

 Madden says, “It is our hope that this meeting will serve as the start of an ongoing dialogue that will enable us all to share resources and tools to implement strategies to advance the safety of all high school student athletes.”


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