Popular sports text – Madden to do 2nd edition

Netter Sports Medicine, a popular sports medicine text used widely by sports medicine professionals and in fellowship training, both nationally and internationally, will hit the shelves and electronic world with an exciting second edition, likely in fall 2016.

Madden and the other co-editors work closely with national and international leaders and authors  in sports medicine to produce the quality clinical ready reference that is complimented by a broad collection of Netter anatomical graphics. Trained as a surgeon, Frank Netter was one of the top human anatomy artists in the history of medicine. The new text will have various other graphics and tables, expanded online content, new and updated chapters, and online video.

Two more  #LongsPeak #Sports Medicine physicians will be on board as authors. Eric Traister will lead a new chapter on ultimate frisbee, and Rebecca Myers will take over the Taping and Bracing chapter and become a co-author on the Snowboarding chapter. In addition to editing the text, Madden will be involved with chapters on mountain biking, cold injuries & illnesses, the team physician, and preparticipation evaluation of athletes.